Working directly with operators, tier-one clients and supporting contractors, our experienced team provide the expertise to take your project from acquisition & planning, through to delivery.

JB Towers has been well-placed to take advantage of the industry trend to more efficient and technologically advanced designs. Working directly with operators, tier-one clients and supporting contractors, our experienced and skilled team have delivered engineering solutions across a spectrum of sizes, from small test pieces, to advanced infrastructure deployment.

JB Towers understand what is required to take projects from initial concept and vision through to delivery and maintenance.

Our in-house highly experienced team have been worked broadly across the telecommunications and broadcast industries.

Acquisition & Planning

Finding the correct site to implement your telecoms solutions can be incredibly beneficial to providing reliable service throughout a solution’s operational timeframe. However, the process of identification through to the submission of planning applications can be complex and arduous. JB Towers have done it many times though, through varying scales of implementations. We understand the nuances and can provide a net cost saving allowing you to focus on your own market advantages.

Climbing Survey & Audit

In order to assess the state and performance of infrastructure, JB Towers employ experienced engineering surveyors and climbing Engineers, this takes the knowledge out into the field and enables decisions and assesments to be made on site when required. Detailed analysis and survey reports are then completed to the clients specification, giving the clients the information they need without the need for additional consultants.

Aerial Survey, Inspection & Audit

To minimise disruption to services and when access is difficult, we utilise our Aerial capabilities. This can be with using elevated poles or UAVs (Drones), thus enabling us to colllect the information required in all situations. Our operators and pilots are all Engineers enabling decisions and assesments to be made in the field.  In addition to Survey and Inspection we also offer Aerial Photography and Video services. These can be combined into a single visit reducing the amount of siite visits to reduce costs.

Computer Aided Design

CAD enables superior design, communication and documentation for projects on both small and large scales. JB Towers have capabilities in 2D and 3D design using industry standard software packages such as AutoDesk Inventor and AutoCAD. JB Towers have designed sites and structures with CAD.

Design Analysis

Our experience in the telecoms industry has shown that generic design leads to inferior results. Thoughtful design leads to outcomes that fit the initial requirements over off the shelf solutions. Our design and analysis team have created custom antenna designs and analysed existing systems to enable customers to enable effiencies or provide entirely new value. All our work meets UK, European and International design codes.

Project Management

We understand that the implementation of new systems can be challenging, particularly with the shift in construction techniques, cost demands and environmental requirements. We have a team of experienced project managers with the technical backgrounds to implement telecoms projects to ensure that our clients cost, time and performance requirements are met.